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Richmond Rapidplays 114 U160 Section

Last update 18.06.2017 18:47:06, Creator/Last Upload: paul_mck

Starting rank

1Cole Graham L431559ENG1784
2Goodfellow Russell R420344ENG1771
3Brown Geoffrey M446416ENG1712
4Kirby Andrew457191ENG1663
5Jamroz Viktor445991ENG1631
6Usharovsky Ron64300773ENG1551
7Espinosa Cancino Monica22253025SCO1500
8AIMSiddhanth Lohia35019732IND1485
9Huang Henry447129ENG1387
10Dupuis Denis K452980ENG1385
11Nettleton Robin422789ENG1328
12Merriman James452270ENG1312
13Thatte Nandinee64300625ENG1076
14Laurillard Xavier447196ENG133
15Chatterjee Sagnik64300455ENG121
16Singhal SiddhantENG121
17Shard Henry G459380ENG113
18Hizarci Bora457698ENG0
19Ward Matthew J418404ENG0