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Taborska vez 2009 Turnaj jednotlivcu v rapid sachu

Last update 27.12.2009 16:22:49, Creator/Last Upload: chess federation of the czech republic

Final Ranking crosstable after 7 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1FMSchula Michal2275CZE 71b1 52w1 39b1 32w1 9b1 16w1 2b½6,527,027,530,0
2Vybiral Zdenek2260CZE102w1 50b1 17w½ 6b1 4b1 9w1 1w½6,030,525,032,0
3FMVojta Tomas2370CZE 87b1 27w1 8b1 4w0 32b1 19w1 18b16,028,024,030,5
4Vojta Pavel2148CZE 23w1 55b1 48w1 3b1 2w0 33b1 5w½5,529,524,532,5
5Trepka Jan2102CZE 30b1 26w1 32b0 75w1 13b1 11w1 4b½5,528,522,531,5
6Vavrinec Tomas2057CZE 40b1 34w1 18b½ 2w0 36b1 31w1 16b15,527,521,531,5
7Svanda Pavel2201CZE 19b0103w1 71b1 43w1 38b1 8w½ 21b15,525,020,026,5
8Hejl Jaroslav2054CZE 56w1 22b1 3w0 82b1 12w1 7b½ 10w½5,029,521,532,0
9IMHausner Ivan2460CZE 86w1 44b1 62w1 33b1 1w0 2b0 22w15,028,023,030,5
10Simecek Bohumil2143CZE 37b1 35w½ 59b1 21w1 11b½ 18w½ 8b½5,027,022,030,5
11FMLacina Adolf2235CZE 20w½ 83b1 69w1 17b1 10w½ 5b0 42w15,026,521,029,0
12Bajer Jiri1880CZE 29b1 28w½ 25w½ 26b1 8b0 38w1 32b15,026,519,530,5
13Goeth Jiri2135CZE 16w½ 24b½ 72w1 62b1 5w0 63b1 33w15,024,518,527,5
14Hadzala Daniel2084CZE 49w1 45b1 36w½ 64b1 16w0 34b½ 35w15,024,021,527,0
15Odehnal Jaroslav2105CZE 65w0 70b1 78w1 36b1 22w½ 35b½ 34w15,022,518,525,5
16Haba Zdenek2252CZE 13b½ 80w1 28b1 35w1 14b1 1b0 6w04,530,521,534,5
17Ruzicka Ales2047CZE 79b1 43w1 2b½ 11w0 23b½ 37w1 19b½4,528,019,531,0
18FMPapacek Stepan2290CZE 81w1 41b1 6w½ 63b½ 42w1 10b½ 3w04,527,521,530,0
19Pavlicek Robert1995CZE 7w1 72b1 33w0 25b1 63w1 3b0 17w½4,527,520,530,5
20Zapletal Jindrich2097CZE 11b½ 29w1 21b0 27w1 34b0 53w1 58b14,525,516,529,0
21Koper Stefan2044CZE 74w1 64b½ 20w1 10b0 49w1 51b1 7w04,525,020,028,0
22Prochazka Pavel1789CZE 96b1 8w0 66b1 39w1 15b½ 48w1 9b04,525,019,527,0
23Barotek Martin1975CZE 4b0 94w1 24w1 48b½ 17w½ 62b1 25w½4,525,017,027,0
24Hruby Milan2140CZE 80b½ 13w½ 23b0 73w1 82b1 43w1 26b½4,525,016,027,5
25Bartonicek Zdenek2041CZE 88b1 51w½ 12b½ 19w0 46b1 65w1 23b½4,524,518,027,0
26Vesely Roman1954CZE 93w1 5b0 56w1 12w0 84b1 66b1 24w½4,524,017,526,0
27Macku Emil2005CZE 85w1 3b0 49w½ 20b0 73w1 60b1 54w14,524,015,526,5
28Novak Jiri2035CZE 70w1 12b½ 16w0 86b1 64w½ 30b½ 51w14,523,517,526,0
29Janecek Josef2125CZE 12w0 20b0 93w1 74b1 81w½ 80b+ 40b14,523,013,525,0
30Mejta Frantisek1838CZE 5w0 93b1 50w0 95b1 55w1 28w½ 48b14,522,015,024,0
31Forman Miroslav1907CZE100b1 62w0 79b1 53w½ 68w1 6b0 63w14,521,018,023,0
32Havluj Zdenek2016CZE 77w1105b1 5w1 1b0 3w0 64b1 12w04,029,020,030,0
33Fiala Jan2083CZE 67b1 38w1 19b1 9w0 37b1 4w0 13b04,028,021,031,0
34Mosnicka Jan1909CZE 57w1 6b0 85w1 54b½ 20w1 14w½ 15b04,027,018,029,5
35Krbusik Marian1978CZE 84w1 10b½ 68w1 16b0 54w1 15w½ 14b04,026,019,028,5
36Feierfeil Jiri1904CZE104b1 53w1 14b½ 15w0 6w0 44b½ 66w14,026,017,527,0
37Ruzicka Vojtech1928CZE 10w0 84b1 44w1 50b1 33w0 17b0 62w14,024,016,026,5
38Vlach Martin1934CZE 99w1 33b0 74w1 67b1 7w0 12b0 70b14,023,517,025,5
39Zalsky Petr2019CZE 76w1 65b1 1w0 22b0 67w0 57b1 64w14,023,516,026,5
40Ruzicka Richard1673CZE 6w0 57b½ 77w1 45b½ 50w1 68b1 29w04,023,515,026,5
41Slajs Vlastimil1988CZE 92b1 18w0 46b½ 80w0 61b1 49w½ 67b14,022,514,525,0
42Straka Zdenek1986CZE 66w0 76b1 60w1 81b1 18b0 67w1 11b04,022,017,024,5
43Brcak Marek1905CZE 98w1 17b0105w1 7b0 83w1 24b0 77w14,022,016,023,0
44Muzikar Jan2015CZE 91b1 9w0 37b0 70w½102b1 36w½ 65b14,021,514,023,0
45Simecek Josef1912CZE 97b1 14w0 73b½ 40w½ 66w0 74b1 76w14,021,014,523,0
46Civin Jan1877CZE 68w0 95b1 41w½ 69b½ 25w0 83b1 72w14,020,013,522,0
47Dufek Tomas1489CZE 48w0 75w0100b1 55b0106w1 78b1 69w14,017,511,018,5
48Olejnicek Jiri2019CZE 47b1 66w1 4b0 23w½ 80b+ 22b0 30w03,526,018,029,0
49Svejnoha Miroslav1810CZE 14b0 97w1 27b½ 59w1 21b0 41b½ 52w½3,525,014,027,0
50Novak Pavel1973CZE 89b1 2w0 30b1 37w0 40b0 88w1 56b½3,524,514,527,0
51Hess Pavel1897CZE106w1 25b½ 63w0 58w1 53b1 21w0 28b03,523,517,024,5
52Hronik Petr1978CZE107b1 1b0 54w0 76b1 60w½ 56w½ 49b½3,523,514,024,5
53Prochazka Jiri2057CZE 54w1 36b0 65w1 31b½ 51w0 20b0 91w13,523,015,025,5
54Sedivy Karel1687CZE 53b0104w1 52b1 34w½ 35b0 59w1 27b03,523,015,024,0
55Pekarovic Jaroslav1965CZE 94b1 4w0 67b0 47w1 30b0 89w½ 85b13,522,013,024,0
56Sauer Pavel1630CZE 8b0 96w1 26b0104w1 69w½ 52b½ 50w½3,521,513,022,5
57Macho Miloslav1100CZE 34b0 40w½ 80b0 92w1 90b1 39w0 87b13,521,011,023,5
58Rosenzweig Vladimir2141CZE 78w1 69b½ 64w0 51b0 71w1 81b1 20w03,520,015,022,5
59Kellner Petr1967CZE 95w1 68b½ 10w0 49b0 85w1 54b0 84w13,520,014,022,0
60Kral Pavel1697CZE 62b0100w1 42b0 98w1 52b½ 27w0 89b13,519,512,521,5
61Ryc Jiri1000CZE 82w½ 63b0 86w0 91b1 41w0102b1 81w13,517,010,518,5
62Janda Pavel2081CZE 60w1 31b1 9b0 13w0 75b1 23w0 37b03,026,516,029,5
63Loskot Petr2066CZE 73b½ 61w1 51b1 18w½ 19b0 13w0 31b03,025,516,528,5
64Lomsky Radek1778CZE108b1 21w½ 58b1 14w0 28b½ 32w0 39b03,025,516,526,0
65Maly Pavel1862CZE 15b1 39w0 53b0 89w1 72w1 25b0 44w03,024,014,026,5
66Sup Pavel1454CZE 42b1 48b0 22w0 87w1 45b1 26w0 36b03,024,014,026,5
67Durchan Milan1701CZE 33w0 99b1 55w1 38w0 39b1 42b0 41w03,023,514,025,5
68Krejci Jakub2124CZE 46b1 59w½ 35b0 90w1 31b0 40w0 73b½3,023,014,525,5
69Havelka Petr1940CZE101b1 58w½ 11b0 46w½ 56b½ 70w½ 47b03,023,014,525,0
70Durchan Jan1578CZE 28b0 15w0101b1 44b½ 86w1 69b½ 38w03,023,011,025,0
71Novak Rudolf1656CZE 1w0107b1 7w0 85b½ 58b0 92w½ 94b13,022,510,023,5
72Pravdik Kamil2021CZE103b1 19w0 13b0 88w1 65b0 79w1 46b03,022,013,023,5
73Polansky Jiri1695CZE 63w½ 82b½ 45w½ 24b0 27b0 90w1 68w½3,021,511,524,0
74Pytlik Ladislav1600CZE 21b0108w1 38b0 29w0 97b1 45w0 96b13,020,510,021,0
75Ruzicka Tomas1791CZE105w0 47b1 83w1 5b0 62w0 77b0 95w13,020,012,021,0
76Mejzlik Jiri1503CZE 39b0 42w0 97b1 52w0 98b1 82w1 45b03,020,010,022,0
77Vondra Ales1479CZE 32b0 90w½ 40b0 94w½104b1 75w1 43b03,019,510,020,5
78Kukla Bohuslav1900CZE 58b0101w1 15b0 84w0 94b1 47w0 97b13,019,010,021,0
79Burian Petr1614CZE 17w0 98b1 31w0 83b0 93w1 72b0 99w13,018,510,020,5
80Absolon Vaclav1882CZE 24w½ 16b0 57w1 41b1 48w- 29w- -02,525,012,528,5
81Petr Josef1723CZE 18b0 92w1 89b1 42w0 29b½ 58w0 61b02,522,012,524,5
82Sedivy Roman1874CZE 61b½ 73w½ 88b1 8w0 24w0 76b0 92b½2,521,512,024,0
83Potucek Milan1000CZE 90b1 11w0 75b0 79w1 43b0 46w0 88b½2,521,511,524,0
84Mergl Ondrej1452CZE 35b0 37w0 96b1 78b1 26w0 87w½ 59b02,521,510,023,5
85Malirsky Josef1467CZE 27b0 87w1 34b0 71w½ 59b0 86b1 55w02,521,010,023,5
86Tlamsa Radovan1761CZE 9b0 91w½ 61b1 28w0 70b0 85w0101b12,521,09,023,0
87Severa Jiri1734CZE 3w0 85b0 99w1 66b0 95w1 84b½ 57w02,519,59,021,5
88Medek Rudolf1592CZE 25w0106b1 82w0 72b0 99w1 50b0 83w½2,518,09,519,0
89Hajek Bohumir1434CZE 50w0102b1 81w0 65b0105w1 55b½ 60w02,517,510,018,5
90Sourek Vladimir1782CZE 83w0 77b½ 91w1 68b0 57w0 73b0102w12,517,59,019,0
91Svoboda Michal1473CZE 44w0 86b½ 90b0 61w0103b1107w1 53b02,517,58,018,5
92Ducho Pavel1461CZE 41w0 81b0106w½ 57b0 96w1 71b½ 82w½2,517,57,018,5
93Chochole Petr1374CZE 26b0 30w0 29b0100w1 79b0 96w0104b12,020,05,021,0
94Kozel Petr1407CZE 55w0 23b0102w½ 77b½ 78w0 98b1 71w02,019,06,520,5
95Maly Jan1423CZE 59b0 46w0108b1 30w0 87b0104w1 75b02,018,57,019,0
96Velat Radek1000CZE 22w0 56b0 84w0101w1 92b0 93b1 74w02,018,06,020,0
97Eder Antonin1100CZE 45w0 49b0 76w0107b1 74w0105b1 78w02,017,56,018,5
98Hofbauer Petr1000CZE 43b0 79w0103b1 60b0 76w0 94w0107b12,017,06,018,0
99Jirasko Martin1287CZE 38b0 67w0 87b0108w1 88b0103w1 79b02,016,56,017,0
100Farniev Oleg1000CZE 31w0 60b0 47w0 93b0107w0108b1106w12,016,03,016,5
101Hejl Vojtech1344CZE 69w0 78b0 70w0 96b0108w1106b1 86w02,014,55,015,0
102Sindelka Vladimir1617CZE 2b0 89w0 94b½105b1 44w0 61w0 90b01,520,56,521,5
103Vojta Ladislav1538CZE 72w0 7b0 98w0106b½ 91w0 99b0105w11,516,03,017,0
104Jirasko Stepan1000CZE 36w0 54b0107w1 56b0 77w0 95b0 93w01,018,05,019,0
105Svobodny Jiri1000CZE 75b1 32w0 43b0102w0 89b0 97w0103b01,017,07,018,5
106Legatek Bedrich1000CZE 51b0 88w0 92b½103w½ 47b0101w0100b01,016,54,518,0
107Pokorny Jiri1453CZE 52w0 71w0104b0 97w0100b1 91b0 98w01,015,03,016,0
108Svec Vladimir1000CZE 64w0 74b0 95w0 99b0101b0100w0 -11,014,01,014,5

Tie Break1: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break2: Fide Tie-Break
Tie Break3: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)