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RSHKristall jn

Last update 14.06.2017 15:56:38, Creator/Last Upload: kyrgyzstan chess federation

Starting rank list of players

5Zairbek Kyzy Begimay13803603KGZ1599
2Sezdbekov Almaz13801627KGZ1327
1Andasheva Altynai13805657KGZ1284
6Kubatbekova Bermet13802836KGZ1168
3Inarkiev Ortsi13802828KGZ1111
11Sezdbekova Aizhan13803590KGZ1047
8Sulaimanov Tilekmatali13804499KGZ1037
9Sezdbekova Nazira13802739KGZ1014
4Onufrienko Vladislav13804332KGZ0
7Sarynshiev Sanzhar13804960KGZ0
10Sydykov Nurtilek13804618KGZ0