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Champ 2017 CAT.B RAPID PHASE 1 Littoral - Journé 1

Last update 12.06.2017 21:09:17, Creator/Last Upload: cameroon chess-federation

Starting rank

1Boilard RemiFR1600
2Cannavaggia Jean-FrancoisFR1600
3Cannavaggia PaulFR1600
4Cannavaggia ValerieFR1600
5Crepelle EtienneFR1600
6Djomou MaximilienCMR1600
7Mabali JoëlFR1600
8Mezou ValentinFR1600
9Ngako Louis-MarieCMR1600
10Ngoupaye CarlesCMR1600
11Nguefack Tatou LaurelCMR1600
12Tankeu StephanieCMR1600
13Tanko EliCMR1600