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LBV NK Lightning Chess 2017 Round 2 - Group J

Last update 12.06.2017 08:31:11, Creator/Last Upload: fpi

Starting rank list of players

8De Herdt Yasseen209406BEL2200Caballos Zottegem
1Schoonenberg Olav1010581NED2196Pion Groesbeek
7Grodotzki Kenneth4648560GER2011Sv Mülheim Nord
4Kuipers Dustin24617709GER1988Sv Mülheim Nord
5Alonso Jose Antonio16213130GER1987Blerickse Sv
6Snoeck Rene1016644NED1955De Juiste Zet
3Werkhoven Maarten1014188NED1819
2Engels Jo1057723NED1629Sv Kerkrade