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LBV NK Lightning Chess 2017 Round 3 - Group H

Last update 12.06.2017 09:55:25, Creator/Last Upload: fpi

Starting rank list of players

6Schoonenberg Olav1010581NED2196Pion Groesbeek
7Geboers Jimmy262919BEL1957Checkmate Weert
5Van Roon Sjoerd1051075NED1939Hmc Den Bosch
2Minnema Rens1041096NED1878
3Lammers Anton1054660NED1849
8Van Ravensteijn Antal1060759NED0Pegasus Zwolle
4Hoeneveld Maarten1036530NED1682Caïssa
1Bleeker Kasper1057812NED1456Caïssa Amsterdam