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LBV NK Lightning Chess 2017 Final F

Last update 21.06.2017 20:47:30, Creator/Last Upload: fpi

Starting rank list of players

11Wuijts Johan1039016NED2010Helmond
2Geboers Jimmy262919BEL1957Checkmate Weert
10Kroon Mike1045202NED1950De Kentering
8Verhoeven Robin1054775NED1948Egs
13Preuter Carlos1042874NED1944
9Verfuerth Kevin12954829GER1944Zevenaar
3Werkhoven Maarten1014188NED1819
12Auwens Michel1022318NED1801Pion Groesbeek
14Van Waardenberg John1060775NED0De Willige Dame
5Hoenselaar Dennis1060791NED0Turm Kleve
4Olsman Maarten1060767NED0Schaakclub Gorinchem
7Yeh Timo1058568NED0Lsg
6Do Huong1060864VIE0
1Van Der Heiden Frans1060821NED0