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Klubbmästerskapet i Blixt 2009 Schack 08, Norrköping

Last update 21.12.2009 23:14:07, Creator/Last Upload: schack08.norrkoping

Starting rank list of players

8IMRenman Nils-GustafSWE2415Schack 08
11Sternlund HĂ„kanSWE2210Schack 08
4Arvidsson TomasSWE2110Schack 08
1Saskin RifatSWE1981Schack 08
6Jonasson AllanSWE1921Schack 08
9Dahlstedt FransSWE1877Schack 08
12Dahlstedt AndersSWE1819Schack 08
2Eriksson SvenSWE1762Schack 08
10Ohlin JohnnySWE1548Schack 08
3Youssef HannaSWE1500Schack 08
5Theban RaheemSWE1300Schack 08
7Marjosef AntoniSWE1157Schack 08