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Bristol Summer 2017 Major

Last update 16.06.2017 01:02:06, Creator/Last Upload: geoff gammon

Starting rank

1Bush Ian447218ENG154
2Woodward Tim F425001ENG154
3Brown Geoffrey M446416ENG152
4Champion Adrian W428108ENG152
5Brown Geoffrey D442127ENG151
6O'gorman Brendan419214ENG150
7Radford Robert PENG150
8Perrin BrentENG145
9Pickup Ian RENG144
10Foley Phil T415871ENG143
11Macarthur Duncan M449083ENG143
12Levy Christopher A431320ENG142
13Strong Chris M424986ENG142
14Hosdurga Chirag438189ENG141
15Kachuma RichardENG140
16O'byrne Danny440825ENG139
17Papier Alan R470848ENG139
18Horrell Stephen1804200WLS138
19Thatte Nishchal447234ENG137
20Brown Christian K435830ENG136
21DiVetta Andrew1803964WLS135
22Dimond Peter DENG135
23Williams Stephen1803140WLS135
24Bonutto Stephen1804260WLS133
25Fielding Michael447269ENG130
26Carver Anthony WrENG128
27Rogers David RENG128
28Sage Antony JENG128
29Stubbs Oliver441325ENG128
30Morris Nigel W451703ENG127
31Kan TobyENG126
32Skeen JohnENG125
33Leroy JasonENG109
34Walker MaxENG105
35O'Rourke Kevin1802151WLS73