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Bristol Summer 2017 Fide Open

Last update 13.06.2017 17:12:07, Creator/Last Upload: geoff gammon

Starting rank

1GMArkell Keith C400270ENG2411
2IMLittlewood Paul E400190ENG2370
3IMBeaumont Chris R400424ENG2289
4Reznak Attila727407HUN2283
5Kett Timothy J1801210WLS2221
6Hill Alistair432407ENG2193
7CMColeman David J402087ENG2141
8Villiers Thomas427209ENG2124
9Moore Graham J441988ENG2119
10Stranger Morris426342ENG2095
11Martin Lewis410551ENG2089
12Bicknell Carl421294ENG2087
13Musson Adam J424455WLS2086
14Dunn Alan4300858NZL2072
15Girdlestone Paul C408840ENG2072
16Krzyzanowski Patryk1119958POL2065
17Morris Gareth L1800892WLS2059
18Dilleigh Stephen P408379ENG2053
19Moore Geoffrey R446181ENG2010
20Prasse Philipp24696307GER2009
21Nendick Philip Hc459534ENG1998
22Rodriguez Juan Talavera1802704WLS1987
23Meek Stephen J411035ENG1983
24Lee Anthony Kh440043ENG1975
25French Max426652ENG1970
26Turner Joseph D1801520WLS1945
27Bennett Dominic L416657ENG1941
28Fathallah Joe1801899WLS1925
29Littleton Mark431214ENG1889
30AGMMatei Ciprian1201336ROU1880
31Thorpe Thomas G1802437WLS1878
32Kramaley David448680ENG1836
33Livesey R Nigel419168ENG1814
34Price Andrew416126ENG1805
35Purry Chris S422045ENG1796
36Timmins Chris P471119ENG1792
37Jukes Sam1803182WLS1742
38Fowler Hugo433411WLS1713
39Mascunano Juan24518590ESP1637
40Hardy Roger403997ENG1887