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Kataklysmos Blitz Chess Tournament 2017 - U18

Last update 05.06.2017 15:26:24, Creator/Last Upload: cyprus chess federation

Starting rank

1Antoniou Rafail5904390CYP0Nicosia
2Theocharous Vassilis5903130CYP0Larnaca
3Athanasiades FotisCYP0Larnaca
4Elia AntoniosCYP0Larnaca
5Hadjicostas AndreasCYP0Larnaca
6Hadjicostas ConstantinosCYP0Larnaca
7Kraev ArseniiCYP0
8Michaelides Alexandros5903360CYP0Larnaca
9Ntoklis Themistoklis5903718CYP0Larnaca
10Orehov DimitriyCYP0
11Papaevripides AntonisCYP0Larnaca
12Papastavrou KaterinaCYP0Larnaca
13Papastavrou KyriakosCYP0Larnaca
14Samaras ModestosCYP0Larnaca
15Sergiou OdysseasCYP0Larnaca
16Thoma ElianaCYP0Kappa
17Thoma NicolasCYP0Kappa
18Thrasyvoulou AlexandrosCYP0Limassol
19Vermehren MarcusCYP0Kappa
20Vermehren NicolasCYP0Kappa