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Toronto Blitz Chess Championship 2017

Last update 06.06.2017 04:53:25, Creator/Last Upload: canada chess federation (licence 32)

Final Ranking after 14 Rounds

12Samsonkin ArtiomCAN2559ON11,5
8Plotkin MarkCAN2350ON11,5
33Krnan TomasCAN2527ON10,0
4Yang KaiqiCAN2503ON10,0
5Calugar ArthurCAN2422ON10,0
61Noritsyn NikolayCAN2598ON9,5
711Rek Viatcheslav (slava)CAN2274ON9,0
13Vettese NicholasCAN2231ON9,0
96Plotkin VictorCAN2387ON8,5
9Puri VinnyCAN2320ON8,5
16Liang HairanCAN2186ON8,5
21Lauron RanelCAN2033ON8,5
46Lozano CarlosCAN08,5
147Emuakpeje OchukoCAN2384ON8,0
17Xu JeffreyCAN2125ON8,0
18Ishoo YounanCAN2120FO8,0
19Zotkin DanielCAN2117ON8,0
26Jiang BrianCAN1800ON8,0
1912Dougherty MichaelCAN2236ON7,5
20Upper JohnCAN2102QC7,5
25Hay JonathanCAN1940ON7,5
42De La Cerna JayCAN07,5
2315Calvelo JelvisCAN2187ON7,0
22England MaxCAN2030ON7,0
29Dagan AlfredCAN1732ON7,0
41Andes AldrinCAN07,0
2710Barron MichaelCAN2290ON6,5
14Filipovich DavidCAN2205ON6,5
23Chernik DmitryCAN2023ON6,5
35Zhao Jeffrey R.CAN1537ON6,5
3131Liu HenryCAN1592ON6,0
32Belcadi SalimCAN1589ON6,0
43Dhawan SahilCAN06,0
3424Gunapalan DavidCAN2010QC5,5
28Ganea MihaiCAN1747ON5,5
34Pei EricCAN1559ON5,5
3727Ali ShafkatCAN1776ON5,0
37Guo Haotong HazelCAN1345ON5,0
38Xu WilliamCAN1295ON5,0
40Ai AmyCAN1180ON5,0
4130Liu HarryCAN1730ON4,5
36Huang YouheCAN1492ON4,5
39Guo RogerCAN1280ON4,5
4433Fletcher DavidCAN1559ON3,5
4545Hoyda PaulCAN02,5
4644Emnace SegurdinoCAN01,0
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