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Chess for Kicks Final U300

Last update 04.06.2017 18:23:00, Creator/Last Upload: lara barnes ia

Starting rank

1Brownisky LouisSCO605Lenzie Chess Academy
2Subramaniam AnanthSCO590Robert Gordons
3Singh EklavyaSCO499High School Of Glasgow
4Coyle JamesSCO482Glasgow Academy
5Liu JakeSCO476Glasgow Academy
6Palanivel RaghavSCO474Corstorphine Ps
7Mccann BrodieSCO464Holy Cross Ps
8Sharan KartikeSCO458Hillhead Ps
9Lane DanielSCO446Low Port Ps
10Moroz MichaelSCO438High School Of Glasgow
11Benson AliceSCO432Hillhead Ps
12Kohli GiaSCO394Glasgow Academy
13Ganesan UmaSCO374
14Douglass MoiraSCO360Bishopton
15Rohatgi IshanSCO350High School Of Glasgow
16Munshi AryanSCO340Hillhead Ps
17Kandala AbhiramSCO318Hillhead Ps
18Sanderson EstherSCO296Kemnay Ps
19Zaveri AdityaSCO296Lanark
20Mcalroy KaiSCO279Lanark
21Singh Abhimanyu RanaSCO240Hillhead Ps
22Aluri PragnaSCO238Our Lady Of The Missions
23Niven JordanSCO190Bishopton
24Ng ChloeSCO170Lenzie Chess Academy
25Rousseau AmySCO164Bishopton
26Kumar IshanSCO146Glasgow Academy
27Simpson DavidSCO101Rockfield Ps
28Dowey RyanSCO0Dunblane Ps
29Humphris RobbieSCO0Thornhill Ps
30Kirsop LindsaySCO0Bunessan Ps
31Lazell JakeSCO0Port Of Menteith Ps
32Mackay LennonSCO0Strathblane Ps
33Mcguire MurraySCO0Port Of Menteith Ps
34Scott AndrewSCO0Port Of Menteith Ps
35Wallace MeghanSCO0Strathblane Ps