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JNW Club - Northriding College Open 2017 - D Section

Last update 04.06.2017 11:44:07, Creator/Last Upload: south african chess fed. (licence 65)

Starting rank

1Van Der Westhuyzen JavierRSA712
2Modise SiphesihleRSA567
3Felix HarrisonRSA561
4Pyle AndrewRSA557
5Bothma IsabellaRSA524
6Botha MarcusRSA500
7Chauke NosiphoRSA500
8Malan PieterRSA500
9Van Blomestein MatthewRSA500
10Ma BenJMC0
11Maake PaballoJMC0
12Tumedi LeonJMC0
13Mohammed SabiJMC0
14Naidoo K-LeighJMC0
15Dhlamlenze SizweJMC0
16Nhlabani NeoJMC0