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Chess Fun Day

Last update 03.06.2017 20:57:56, Creator/Last Upload: computerfineman

Starting rank

1FMOsunfuyi Abimbola8502439NGR2197
2Giwa Oladotun8502200NGR2056
3Tobun Olajide Oladapo8507350NGR1602
4Akpologan ArryTOG0
5Akpologan JosueTOG0
6Lemouton DesireeFRA0
7Nzewi JadeNGR0
8Nzewi PearlNGR0
9Ohiowele OjeifoNGR0
10Ohiowele UsifoNGR0
11Oni MayowaNGR0
12Voyean RomainFRA0
13Voyeau GabrielFRA0
14Tembo JosuaNGR0
15Adele AlfonsiNGR0