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Richmond Megafinal U10 Boys

Last update 13.06.2017 02:31:09, Creator/Last Upload: paul_mck

Starting rank

1Auchi NadhmiENG116Sw Chess Club
2Lau WilliamENG86Kings House Junior School
3Raj RonitENG71Staines Preparatory School
4Carey LeonENG60N/A
5Cordova Lopez Diego AntonioENG58Richmond Junior Chess Club
6Rodrigues Dos Santos Joao MarENG58Donhead Preparatory School
7Boysen MelvinENG0N/A
8Dakin MaddoxENG0Donhead Preparatory School
9Fernandes ReisENG0Kings College Junior School
10Gaunt AdamENG0Denmead School
11Greaves AlexENG0Kew College
12Griffiths ZakENG0Staines Preparatory School
13Heffron MichaelENG0Bishop Perrin Cofe Primary School
14Hildreth MontyENG0Latymer Prep School
15Hurst ArchieENG0Trafalgar Junior School
16Ishmael KanyinENG0St Pauls Juniors
17Kannan AniyanthENG0St James Junior School
18Nieckarz MikolajENG0St Jamess Roman Catholic Primary Sc
19Nourouzi OliverENG0
20Piruthuviraj DamianENG0Malden Manor Primary And Nursery Sc
21Preston JoshuaENG0Kings House Junior School
22Roets NicholasENG0Donhead Preparatory School
23Sanders BenENG0Archdeacon Cambridge
24Simpson EdwardENG0Donhead Preparatory School
25Tyler JoeENG0Stanley Primary School
26Weisz MattENG0Donhead Preparatory School
27Wilks-Smith ShaydenENG0
28Winkler-Wulff AlfredENG0German School
29Wood FreddieENG0Hampton Hill Junior School