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Campeonato do Porto Jovens Apuramento 2010 - Sub-18

Last update 24.12.2009 02:54:19, Creator/Last Upload: fpxporto

Starting rank

1Mendes Pedro Miguel286881908049POR16571657GD Dias Ferreira
2Simões Miguel208951908472POR16541654GD Dias Ferreira
3Cardoso Alexander226971909924POR16501650AX Espinho
4Pintor António Bastos260911915584POR15991599AC Alfenense
5Miranda José Pedro313461924567POR15271527GD Dias Ferreira
6Santos Leonardo257601913425POR14821482GD Dias Ferreira
7Resende Fernando298161913336POR14671467GD Cem Paus
8Assunção Francisco Daniel0POR01350AC Alfenense
9Freitas Ruben Manuel335731926420POR01348Profigaia CC
10Figueiredo Duarte317291916580POR01272GD Dias Ferreira
11Ribeiro Carlos Daniel317601924575POR01258GD Dias Ferreira
12Taveira Edgar Emanuel33576POR01235AX Gaia