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ACC June Bug Swiss U1600

Last update 11.07.2017 14:59:43, Creator/Last Upload: canada chess federation (licence 23)

Starting rank

1Wilker Marcus2616629CAN1601ON
2Abbarin Shabnam2617854CAN1442ON
3David Jean-MarcCAN1440ON
4Jevtic DraganCAN1425ON
5Szucs GregoryCAN1415ON
6Gelowitz Mark A.CAN1412ON
7Ma Yue RanCAN1395ON
8Supol GeorgeCAN1368ON
9Dixon JavierCAN1314ON
10Patton Mark A.CAN1285ON
11Randle BillCAN1233ON
12Mcmillan AlanCAN1227ON
13Kalmanson EvgenyCAN1211ON
14Ai AmyCAN1180ON
15Qiu JamesCAN1168ON
16Gao LucyCAN1074ON
17Dong YiweiCAN1064ON
18Teram EliCAN1011ON
19Pancer JeffCAN1002ON
20Souchko LarissaCAN983ON
21Bahry TimothyCAN943ON
22Noritsyn IvanCAN933ON
23Ellis CodyCAN900ON
24Anghaie RezaCAN891ON
25Noftle MadisinCAN776ON
26Hibbard LindaCAN0
27Kamnitzer BenjaminCAN0ON
28Matetski KonstantinCAN0
29Seshadri AkshayCAN0