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Torneo Nacional Activo Sub 18 Femenino

Last update 19.12.2009 23:40:59, Creator/Last Upload: fecodaz

Starting rank

1WFMSalazar Aura CristinaANT2097
2Orozco Lina YomayraVAL2090
3Castro Natalia PatriciaATL1996
4Vargas Diana PaolaBOG1982
5Suarez Maria AlexandraRIS1977
6Chirivi Angie LizethANT1944
7Granada AngieANT1889
8Chavez Diana MariaVAL1848
9Galvis Pedraza MaryoryVAL1717
10Rios Jessica AndreaVAL1635
11Raigosa Lopez AndreaRIS1630
12Palacios Velasquez LauraANT1612
13Vargaz Adda DaisyBOG1600
14Garzon LauraTOL1594
15Nope VivianaCUN1577
16Garcia Linda AlexandraVAL1556
17Nope TatianaCUN1538
18Perez Velasco DanielaMET1514
19Rodriguez Zamara Lina MariaCUN0