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Under 14 Girls Eden Trials 3

Last update 03.06.2017 18:49:52, Creator/Last Upload: south african chess fed. (licence 77)

Starting rank

1De Villiers BiancaRSA789LGS
2May Lee-OneyRSA661ODN
3Sampson AlgedineRSA653Hess
4Prins Diaheine-LeeRSA620Hess
5Bruintjies Lee-AnnRSA559NDP
6Daries NikitaRSA544Hess
7Marcus IngeRSA532Grootbrak
8Stevens RubeniqueRSA526Hess
9Riddles AnkeRSA506Hess
10Bosch EsteeRSA500LGS
11Ontong LativahRSA500Prins
12Darries WeniqueRSA0Prins
13Ewerts ZoeyRSA0Laurus
14Goliath JenelRSA0Diaz
15Kiewiet BrooklynRSA0Garden Route
16Lukas Jay-DeanWEG0HCD
17Moses Lindley-AnnWEG0HCD
18Van der Walt NikitaRSA0HCD