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Huddersfield Open 2017

Last update 04.06.2017 17:48:50, Creator/Last Upload: huddersfield chess (nigel hepworth)

Rank after Round 6

Rk.SNoNameFEDRtg TB1 
11Macklin PaulENG2235,0
25Padilla Cabero PabloENG2024,5
8Willow JonahENG1884,5
42Dong NghiaENG2104,0
6Shaw PeterENG2004,0
17Burke MitchellENG1754,0
713Newton RobertENG1783,5
24Hilton TimENG1643,5
93Jaunooby AliENG2083,0
7Surtees MikeENG1963,0
9Nicholson JimENG1873,0
14Garnett JohnENG1773,0
15Ter Gevorkian AramENG1763,0
16Webster RichardENG1763,0
1518Whitehead MarkENG1722,5
20Holroyd NigelENG1682,5
22Boswell JacobENG1672,5
26Livesey NigelENG1562,5
194Wall TimENG2032,0
10Broughton DanielENG1822,0
21Porter RichardENG1682,0
23Owen DennisENG1652,0
25Graham OliverENG1592,0
27Aguirre AntonioENG1402,0
28Hamilton SelwynENG1402,0
2612Ai FarshadENG1781,5
19Tamas SzilardENG1701,5
2811Keely LeoENG1791,0

Tie Break1: points (game-points)

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