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1.Schachturnier der Schule formatio

Last update 26.05.2017 11:35:56, Creator/Last Upload: sk hohenems (ing. reinhard kuntner)

Starting rank

1Ackerman Kilian0
2Ackermann Noah0
3Beck Jeylan0
4Brunhart Mike0
5Egger Christoph0
6Egger Mathias0
7Habsburg Constantin0
8Hetzer Lucas0
9Hoop Quintus0
10Hoppe Kolia0
11Jäger Marc-Jonas0
12Kandziora Samuel0
13Kaufmann Tino0
14Magnin Nicos0
15Montanari Maxim0
16Oehri Jonas0
17Ritter Julian0
18Rüegg Nerino-Nicolo0
19Sauter Livia0
20Spano Nica0
21Ullrich Tristan0
22Wildhaber Gregor0