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Youth Chess Arena (May 2017) under 10

Last update 26.05.2017 20:30:11, Creator/Last Upload: vinaytz

Starting rank

1Chauhan AadiTAN1000Zanaki Chess Academy
2Chedda PrishaTAN1000Zanaki Chess Academy
3Dandale AaryanTAN1000
4Gupta SanviTAN1000KL
5Joseph BahatiTAN1000SOS Childrens Village
6Kaakad IshaanTAN1000Indian School
7Kashangaki KelvinTAN1000SOS Childrens Village
8Manda NanithTAN1000KL
9Manek MitulTAN1000KL
10Musa HemedTAN1000SOS Childrens Village
11Obadia BensonTAN1000SOS Childrens Village
12Pangal ArnavTAN1000Indian School
13Patel NeelkanthTAN1000Indian School
14Paul AlexTAN1000SOS Childrens Village
15Poojith NainaTAN1000Indian School
16Rashid FayazTAN1000
17Saravanan DarshanthTAN1000KL
18Shal NeerTAN1000Indian School
19Sharif AmaanTAN1000KL
20Silasi MichaelTAN1000SOS Childrens Village
21Singh AdityaTAN1000Zanaki Chess Academy
22Sinha PrishaTAN1000KL
23Tanna NeelTAN1000KL
24Yusuph SamiaTAN1000SOS Childrens Village