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Patras Chess Festival Open-1

Last update 05.06.2017 11:41:45, Creator/Last Upload: greek chess federation

Starting rank

1Stefanopoulos Ioannis25825020GRE1212
2Alysandratos Aristotelis Leo25850989GRE1196
3Alysandratos Spyridon25840592GRE1171
4Apostolopoulos Michail25863088GRE0
5Bolis Konstantinos25863932GRE0
6Efthymiou Mouzouras Orfeas25863100GRE0
7Georgantopoulos PanagiotisGRE0
8Kallignomos NikolaosGRE0
9Kallignomos RafailGRE0
10Kollias ChristosGRE0
11Kotsis Dimitrios25865625GRE0
12Koutras Konstantinos25866770GRE0
13Mastrogiannopoulos Christos P25846817GRE0
14Panis StefanosGRE0
15Papachristopoulos Georgios25863177GRE0
16Pardalakis Charalampos25877160GRE0
17Petris KonstantinosGRE0
18Petropoulos Michail25840690GRE0
19Prodromakis Charalampos25852043GRE0