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SOP Blitz 2017 10th Tournament

Last update 26.05.2017 19:10:31, Creator/Last Upload: greek chess federation

Starting rank

1Spyropoulos Georgios4211103GRE2131
2Vlahopoulos Panagiotis25807358GRE1787
3Moraitis Thomas4238605GRE1639
4Alexopoulos Alexandros25806017GRE1628
5Petris Angelos4271190GRE1604
6Andreou Efstathios-Andreas4250907GRE1544
7Katsiaounis Konstantinos25832638GRE1522
8Panagopoulos Georgios4287347GRE1403
9Aggelopoulos Konstantinos4271360GRE1378
10Karagiorgis Panagiotis25864335GRE1287
11Papachristopoulos Konstantino25874241GRE1276
12Fliskanopoulos Theodoros4283627GRE1205
13Andreou Georgios Andreas25840606GRE1190
14Tomaras Aristidis4265360GRE0