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II- Torneo Classic, GRUPO C- CPA 2017

Last update 23.05.2017 19:58:19, Creator/Last Upload: pepecarrillo

Starting rank list of players

1Mejia Xavier6601456PAN1576
2Martinez Valdes Mauricio Joel6604145PAN1509
3Perez Merel Andres Sebastian6603882PAN1375
7Arias Cano Iliak Omar6603190PAN0
9Caballero Roger Eliecer6603220PAN0
4Chong Roberto6604951PAN0
5Gonzalez De La Guardia Luis E6603831PAN0
10Ibanez Diego6604625PAN0
6Martinez Rubio Andres54529301ESP0
8Quiel Gonsales Aristoteles6602355PAN0