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Kadetsko regiona Nis 2009 M8

Last update 13.12.2009 21:18:01, Creator/Last Upload: ia boban milojevic

Starting rank list of players

4IIICiric Dimitrije G.SRB1160V.Karadzic,Pirot
5IIICiric Dimitrije R.SRB1160V.Karadzic,Pirot
9IIIMilenkov DusanSRB1160V.Karadzic,Pirot
3IIIMilenkovic AleksaSRB1160Vrtic Maslacak
1IIIMilenkovic BogdanSRB1160D.Maksimovic, Nis
8IIINikolic DimitrijeSRB1160S.Nemanja,Nis
2IIINikolic TodorSRB1160S.Nemanja, Nis
6IIIPavlovic AleksaSRB1160U.Tasa, Nis
7IIIPetrovic NemanjaSRB1160B.Miljkovic,Nis