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Kadetsko regiona Nis 2009 M12

Last update 13.12.2009 21:17:31, Creator/Last Upload: ia boban milojevic

Starting rank

1IStojiljkovic StefanSRB1919B.M.Nis
2IIIBadnjarevic BogdanSCG1160Cegar,Nis
3IIIJocic NikolaSCG1160Cegar,Nis
4IIIMiladinovic JovanSCG1160Cegar,Nis
5IIIMiljkovic MilosSCG1160Cegar,Nis
6IIINovakovic FilipSCG1160D.R.Nis
7IIIPavlovic MilanSCG1160Cegar,Nis
8IIIPopovic AleksaSCG1160Cegar,Nis
9IIIRasovic AleksandarSCG1160Cegar,Nis
10IIISpasic AleksandarSRB1160IGK,N.Banja
11IIIStamenkovic MisaSCG1160IGK,N.Banja
12IIIStankovic AndrijaSCG1160C.K, Nis
13IIIStevanovic IgorSCG1160Cegar,Nis
14IIIStojev NikolaSCG1160Cegar,Nis
15IIIVasov DimitrijeSRB1160Cegar,Nis