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maison de culture thala

Last update 21.05.2017 00:35:11, Creator/Last Upload: saigon chess

Starting rank

1ahmed dhiya falhiTUN1200
2ahmed hayouniTUN1200
3amin idoudiTUN1200
4amina khalkiTUN1200
5aya khalkiTUN1200
6ayoub marouaniTUN1200
7chahed hayouniTUN1200
8louay maaaroufiTUN1200
9med amin falhiTUN1200
10med amin khadhraouiTUN1200
11med chahin gatfiTUN1200
12mortadha makadmiTUN1200
13yassin achouriTUN1200
14ramzi khadhraouiTUN1200