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2017 Worcestershire Megafinal Under 7-8

Last update 21.05.2017 18:57:15, Creator/Last Upload: alexholowczak

Starting rank

1Howett Ralphie76U08St. Mary's
2Diamond Marley0U08Bredon Hancocks
3Edwards Daniel0U07Rgs Springfield
4Edwards Thomas0U08Rgs Springfield
5Harper Cyrus Biff0U07Kings Hawford
6Henry Cameron0U07Kings Hawford
7Jiang Wen Fei0U08St. Laurence
8Kori Ananya0wU08Checkmate
9Krishnan Abhinav0U08Chad Vale
10Locke-Wheaton Toby0U08Clent Parochial
11Mayilvahanan Pranav0U08Worcester Jca
12Panday Amar0U08Kings Hawford
13Sarfo Hayden0U07Kings Hawford
14Smith Joseph0U08Kings Hawford
15Wilton Lewis0U08Clent Parochial