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27th World Senior Chess Championship 2017 Women +50

Last update 18.11.2017 19:27:07, Creator: gerhard bertagnolli,Last Upload: irma und werner stubenvoll

Player info

NameBalcerczak Ewa
Starting rank20
Rating national0
Rating international1391
Performance rating1405
FIDE rtg +/--9,6
Year of birth 1962


199Xu Yaping2081CHN4,5s 0
21015WFMKierzek Mira1996GER5,0w 0
311-bye- --- 1
4816WIMCinar Corlulu Nilufer1969TUR4,5s 0
51019WCMHazim Gonzalez Elizabeth1795DOM4,0w 0
6918WCMSoyolmaa Dashdondog1880MGL4,5s 0
71022Malevanaia Oxana0USA1,0w 1
81021Gungaa Tsegmid0MGL3,0s 0
998WIMKasoshvili Tsiala2097GEO4,5w 0
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