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Torneo Rescate De Valores LALEC

Last update 04.07.2017 06:02:26, Creator/Last Upload: ajedrezhonduras

Starting rank

1Caballero Javier8404844HON1615
2Bogar CastroHON0
3Barrera JennyHON0
4Caballero DaneryHON0
5Caballero DayraHON0
6Caballero MargieHON0
7Carabantes ReneHON0
8Carballo MelvinHON0
9Dubon JoseHON0
10Espinoza FabricioHON0
11Hernandez OrlynHON0
12Lopez Edwar8402434HON0
13Mazariegos LuisHON0
14Mejia ChesterHON0
15Mejia YimmiHON0
16Oliva GibarHON0
17Ortiz BellaHON0
18Pacheco ByronHON0
19Paz MarvinHON0
20Peraza ZainsHON0
21Peña JavierHON0
22Rodas VictorHON0
23Rodriguez FranciscoHON0
24Torres HenryHON0
25Carballo MelvinHON0