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1. Villacher Jugendschachrallye - April "Garri Kasparow"

Last update 13.05.2017 01:30:38, Creator/Last Upload: askö esv admira villach

Starting rank

1Indarbiev RakhmanRUS902Esv Askoe Admira Villach
2Lippitsch Joanna1658247AUT859Esv Askoe Admira Villach
3Indarbieva ImanRUS816Esv Askoe Admira Villach
4D Incecco Leonardo2827986ITA800Esv Askoe Admira Villach
5Haider David1658689AUT800Esv Askoe Admira Villach
6Hohenberger Fabio1658697AUT0Esv Askoe Admira Villach
7Jonach LillyAUT0
8Nirmolo RafiAUT0
9Nowakowski Paul1658794AUT0Esv Askoe Admira Villach
10Pesendorfer TimonAUT0
11Rössler FelixAUT0Esv Askoe Admira Villach
12Schack PhilipAUT0
13Wuebben AlexandraGER0Esv Askoe Admira Villach
14Zembaty KubaAUT0
15Budhiawan ClarissaAUT0
16Mölzer WelfhardAUT0
17Egger SashaAUT0