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Saint Petersburg 2017 IM

Last update 20.05.2017 17:53:19, Creator/Last Upload: st.petersburg chess federation

Starting rank list of players

10GMBajarani Ulvi13403028AZE2486
2IMUsmanov Vasily4135741RUS2443
4FMSchekachikhin Maksim24177830RUS2395
5Saveliev Alexei24128546RUS2369
9Palchun Grigory24147338RUS2354
8Pershin Denis24165506RUS2322
1IMBajarani Ilgar13400223AZE2297
6FMSiagodnik Anton13505963BLR2233
7FMAskerov Marat24175200RUS2213
3Manin Viktor14201291UZB2144