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Vietnam Master Men Chess Championship 2009

Last update 16.12.2009 17:04:19, Creator/Last Upload: vietnamchess

Starting rank

1CMNguyen Hoang NamVIE2368
2IMNguyen Thanh SonVIE2441
3GMTu Hoang ThongVIE2509
4IMNguyen Van HuyVIE2405
5CMNguyen Van HaiVIE2283
6Phan Anh SonVIE2116
7Pham Xuan DatVIE2180
8Doan Van DucVIE2099
9IMDuong The AnhVIE2426
10Phan Trong BinhVIE2072
11Tran Quoc DungVIE2198
12Tong Thai HungVIE0
13Nguyen Sy HungVIE2051
14IMNguyen Huynh Minh HuyVIE2475
15Dang The NamVIE2098
16Vo Thanh NinhVIE2350
17Nguyen Thanh NghiaVIE2191
18CMHuynh Lam Binh NguyenVIE2027
19CMTran Thanh TuVIE2310
20FMTon That Nhu TungVIE2272
21FMPham Duc ThangVIE2256
22Nguyen Manh TruongVIE2140
23Nguyen Anh TuanVIE1987
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