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Olimpiada Nationala a Sportului Scolar Faza Finala Licee Baieti

Last update 14.05.2017 10:02:32, Creator/Last Upload: dombi rudolf

Player info

NameEnache Florin
Starting rank30
Rating national1000
Rating international0
Performance rating1079
Club/CityLT Stefan Cel Mare Rm Sarat


11414ISzocs Teodor-Iulian1923ROUCN M Viteazul Ploiesti3,0s 0
21421IIMoisin Raul-Sebastian1634ROUCT Alex Roman Alesd3,0w 0
31627FCFunaru Valentin1001ROUCN Gh Rosca Codreanu Barlad4,0s 0
417-bye- --- 1
51633Seitan Radu-Catalin1000ROUCN Traian Dr. Tr. Severin2,0w 1
61324IIPricope Tidor-Vlad1551ROUCN Mihai Eminescu Botosani3,5s 0
71629Cojocariu Stefan-Ciprian1000ROUCN Stefan cel Mare Suceava2,5w 0