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I Torneo Mixto de Maestros Ruben Dario 2017

Last update 22.05.2017 02:21:11, Creator/Last Upload: faavellan

Starting rank list of players

9Flores Manuel6100163NCA2019
1Sanchez Steven6102352NCA1990
4Garcia Antonio (nca)6101291NCA1946
10WFMMendieta Kathya6101496NCA1930
2Mejia Donaldo6102085NCA1917
3WIMGranados Diaz Maria Esther6101488NCA1860
8Alarcon Pamela6100694NCA1849
7Leon Sandoval Johan6102387NCA1734
5Moraga Maria6102115NCA1684
6Medrano Maria Luisa6103200NCA1635