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First Saturday GM May 2017

Last update 16.05.2017 19:40:50, Creator/Last Upload: brindza istvan ia

Player Overview of a federation

Overview for team nor

7FMMihajlov SebastianNOR23931½½½111005,52GM

Player details

FM Mihajlov Sebastian 2393 NOR Rp:2476 Pts. 5,5
14IMAbdyjapar Asyl2390KGZ5,0s 1GM
25IMLi Bo2359CHN4,0w ½GM
36IMIkeda Junta2412AUS3,5s ½GM
410GMFarago Ivan2411HUN4,5s ½GM
58IMSaptarshi Roy2407IND6,0w 1GM
69IMMunkhgal Gombosuren2445MGL4,0s 1GM
71GMIlincic Zlatko2388SRB5,5w 1GM
82Rahul Srivatshav P2303IND2,0s 0GM
93GMPacher Milan2450SVK5,0w 0GM