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Klubturnier Schachclub Chur 2017 Kat A

Last update 09.01.2018 16:11:18, Creator/Last Upload: fortunat schmid

Starting rank list of players

1Adzic Slobodan723886SUI2121Chur Sk
2Wyss Peter A.1310267SUI1962Chur Sk
3Roth Daniel1333917SUI1903Chur Sk
4Accola Martin1335910SUI1864Chur Sk
5Steidle SandroSUI1710Chur Sk
6Djuzo VaidSUI1701Chur Sk
7Bersinger Franz1307983SUI1562Chur Sk
8Sieber UlrichSUI1441Chur Sk