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2017 Kees Memorial Rapid

Last update 01.05.2017 08:00:55, Creator/Last Upload: ghana chess-federation

Starting rank

1FMHasford John Kojo12600083GHA2027
2CMMensah Joseph Jamena12600407GHA1949
3CMThompson Edward Nii Lamptey12600113GHA1909
4Ameku Philip Elikem12600326GHA1870
5Hushie Carlton12600350GHA1795
6CMSosu Edward12600385GHA1760
7Senyegah Paul12600229GHA1557
8Ackun Henry, Dr.12600202GHA0
9Ajavon Anthony12600784GHA0
10Kpodo Evans12600458GHA0
11Tandoh Charles12600733GHA0
12Ijeoma Carlos Jay12601144GHA0
13Benson Maud12600857GHA0
14Diliza Yeshuah423025ENG0