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I Torneo de Maestros Masculino Ruben Dario, 2017

Last update 22.05.2017 16:38:57, Creator/Last Upload: guybengu1950

Starting rank list of players

6FMLacayo Rene6100031NCA2280
7IMDavila Carlos6100040NCA2258
1Ortiz Marcos6100678NCA2212
10Espinoza Felix6100503NCA2208
3FMGuevara Martin6100023NCA2201
4FMBravo William6100406NCA2170
9FMRocha Maximiliano6100775NCA2164
5FMAlfaro William6100457NCA2162
2FMPilarte Rene6100082NCA2139
8FMPineda Juan Jose6100465NCA2073