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Grace Kids Chess Club 2017 FIDE Section

Last update 29.04.2017 23:04:03, Creator/Last Upload: jamaica chess federation (llicense 1)

Starting rank

1NMMERRITT Kevin7401531JAM2017
2CMWISDOM Daren7400438JAM2005
3NMSMITH Shreyas7400713JAM1998
4NMBROOKS Paul7400616JAM1969
5CMHOLNESS Mark7400233JAM1910
6SINCLAIR Horace7400764JAM1903
7RAMSAY Zachary7400314JAM1888
8HINDS Nathan7400730JAM1874
9HALL Odane7400993JAM1851
10HENRY Mark7400039JAM1842
11MCKOY Troy7401949JAM1704
12EDWARDS Dujean7402040JAM1678
13CURWIN Nickaylah7402627JAM1337
14JAPP Jorie7403623JAM0