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Jēkabpils pavasaris 2017, 2.sp.kl. grupa

Last update 29.04.2017 15:09:29, Creator/Last Upload: savieniba

Starting rank

1IIGaveiko DaniilsLAT1750Jēkabpils
2IIGrandāns RainersLAT1750Jēkabpils
3IIGudriks JānisLAT1750Rēzeknes nov. BJSS
4IIKazmerika AnnaLAT1750Rēzeknes BJSS
5IILazovskis LaurisLAT1750Rēzeknes BJSS
6IINazarovs RomansLAT1750Rēzeknes BJSS
7IINijazi LīnaLAT1750Jēkabpils
8IIPetrovs RenārsLAT1750Jēkabpils
9IIPolicāns KristersLAT1750Jēkabpils
10IISiliņš JurisLAT1750Rēzeknes BJSS
11IISmirnova JekaterinaLAT1750Rēzeknes BJSS
12IIStulpiņa LiānaLAT1750Jēkabpils
13IITutins AndrisLAT1750Jēkabpils