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East of Scotland Megafinal U8

Last update 25.04.2017 12:33:00, Creator/Last Upload: ukcc

Starting rank

1Albert QianSCO0South Morningside Primary School
2Alexandra MaxwellSCO0Low Port Primary School
3Angharad HuntSCO0Sciennes Primary School
4Annabel BruceSCO0St Georges School For Girls
5Archie StewartSCO0St Peters Rc Primary School
6Ashley GriffithsSCO0Low Port Primary School
7Charlie BoltSCO0Bonaly Primary School
8Chloe Tariro MukundwaSCO0Flora Stevenson Primary School
9Clara Ball TorokoffSCO0Sciennes Primary School
10Duncan RichardsSCO0South Morningside Primary School
11Emina Asceric-ToddSCO0James Gillespies Primary School
12Eva TaiSCO0Sciennes Primary School
13Fiontan ShepherdSCO0St Peters Rc Primary School
14Franek SzymkowiakSCO0Flora Stevenson Primary School
15Hannah VallanceSCO0St Georges School For Girls
16Harold PrattSCO0Bruntsfield Primary School
17Isla MacraeSCO0James Gillespies Primary School
18Javid McgheeSCO0South Morningside Primary School
19Jonas ToothSCO0James Gillespies Primary School
20Katrina MackieSCO0St Georges School For Girls
21Lucy FearonSCO0St Georges School For Girls
22Manan BhosaleSCO0Nigel Short Chess Society
23Marshall LiangSCO0Flora Stevenson Primary School
24Milly ConchatSCO0St Georges School For Girls
25Osian HuntSCO0Sciennes Primary School
26Raghav PalanivelSCO0Corstorphine Primary
27Ramsay FairbairnSCO0Fettes College Preparatory School
28Remy Woodhouse-BrittenSCO0South Morningside Primary School
29Robbie LeitchSCO0Sciennes Primary School
30Seb McsorleySCO0Prestonfield Primary School