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2017 Metropolitan National Chess Championships Final-Open Gaborone,Botswana

Last update 04.05.2017 14:33:10, Creator/Last Upload: botswana chess-federation

Starting rank list of players

1IMOatlhotse Providence11300507BOT2197Mobile Chess Club
5CMGaealafshwe Barileng11300310BOT2141Jwaneng Chess Club
4Notha Moakofi11300710BOT2121Bonyonyo Chess Club
2CMPitlagano Tebogo11300272BOT2068Bonyonyo Chess Club
10CMGumpo Thabo11300353BOT2063En passent Chess Club
3Rongwane Gomolemo11301120BOT2051Delta Pawns Chess Club
7Mabetu Puso11300906BOT2005Delta Pawns Chess Club
6CMMosutha Thuso11302550BOT1997Black Bishops Chess Club
8Monnatsheko Keletshabile11302941BOT1981BDF Chess Club
9Bayani Kuda11305924BOT1940Orapa Chess Club