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East of Scotland Megafinal u9s

Last update 24.04.2017 14:58:30, Creator/Last Upload: ukcc

Starting rank

1Maximilien Ball TorokoffSCO445Nigel Short Chess Society
2Caitlin DinesSCO333St Peters Rc Primary School
3Aksara BalakumarSCO262St Georges School For Girls
4Gregory Stewart RoperSCO252Bruntsfield Primary School
5Calum DallSCO203Bonaly Primary School
6Sara Best-SolorzanoSCO175Pentland Primary School
7Milo McnairSCO128South Morningside Primary Scho
8Alasdair BagnallSCO120Pentland Primary School
9Josephine SolSCO102St Georges School For Girls
10Reene CarrollSCO102St Georges School For Girls
11Alfie PrimroseSCO0James Gillespies Primary Schoo
12Blair McleanSCO0Errol Primary School
13Caitlin WestonSCO0West Linton Primary School
14Connor McmahonSCO0James Gillespies Primary Schoo
15Daksh RathorSCO0Flora Stevenson Primary School
16Elizabeth McintoshSCO0Erskine Stewarts Melville Coll
17Hannah StewartSCO0West Linton Primary School
18Iris WestonSCO0Flora Stevenson Primary School
19James BehanSCO0Flora Stevenson Primary School
20James DalglieshSCO0Erskine Stewarts Melville Coll
21Jayden WalkerSCO0St Columbas Rc Primary School
22Joonsung MoonSCO0Sciennes Primary School
23Kyle SySCO0George Watsons College
24Leander PattersonSCO0James Gillespies Primary Schoo
25Lily MudieSCO0Erskine Stewarts Melville Coll
26Luke BrennanSCO0Erskine Stewarts Melville Coll
27Oliver NorrieSCO0James Gillespies Primary Schoo
28Olly SimmersSCO0Esms
29Pierre AubinSCO0South Morningside Primary Scho
30Sam BeattieSCO0Bruntsfield Primary School
31Sophia-Rose Robinson-HamiltonSCO0St Georges School For Girls
32Torin ReidSCO0Bruntsfield Primary School
33Will KellySCO0Erskine Stewarts Melville Coll