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Torneio Internacional da Figueira Foz 2009

Last update 06.12.2009 20:14:37, Creator/Last Upload: Portuguese Chess Federation (Licence 16)

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Final Ranking crosstable after 9 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1GMKovalyov Anton2601ARG 21w1 15b½ 7w1 6b1 2w½ 3b½ 17w1 12b1 5w½7199363628
2GMPetkov Vladimir2477BUL 27w1 26b1 12w½ 9b1 1b½ 4w1 3w½ 5b½ 6w½6,5199793629
3GMSpraggett Kevin2594CAN 20b½ 34w1 15b½ 14w1 10b1 1w½ 2b½ 9w½ 11b16,51901732,528
4GMRomanishin Oleg2510UKR 28w1 8b1 6w½ 11b½ 12w1 2b0 18w1 17b½ 9w½6193663327,5
5GMPaunovic Dragan2554SRB 46w+ 13w½ 24b1 17w½ 11b½ 29w1 9b½ 2w½ 1b½61902332,527,5
6GMKasparov Sergey2483BLR 40b1 16w1 4b½ 1w0 27b1 13w½ 10b½ 24w1 2b½61853631,527
7GMDzhumaev Marat2528UZB 31b1 18w½ 1b0 34w1 29b0 14b1 20w1 10w½ 16b16177962824
8NMPadeiro José2262POR 35b1 4w0 28b1 16w1 17b0 10w0 31b1 21w1 24b+6177462824
9GMRotstein Arkadij2550GER 20w1 13b1 2w0 24b1 11w1 5w½ 3b½ 4b½61696531,528,5
10GMGalego Luis2446POR 30b1 29w1 12b½ 3w0 8b1 6w½ 7b½ 17w16169283128
11FMDias Paulo2391POR 19w1 44b1 17b½ 4w½ 5w½ 9b0 13b1 15w1 3w05,5191403127
12GMTodorov Todor2496BUL 25b1 14w1 2b½ 10w½ 4b0 16w1 15b1 1w0 13b½5,5190123128
13Ferreira Jorge2273POR 41w1 5b½ 9w0 21b1 22w1 6b½ 11w0 18b1 12w½5,51897328,526
14WGMKarlovich Anastazia2201UKR 43w1 12b0 33w1 3b0 20b1 7w0 27b½ 30w1 23b15,51710725,522,5
15FMDiogo Vasco2316POR 23b1 1w½ 3w½ 22b½ 18w½ 21b1 12w0 11b0 29w15186582725
16WIMLeite Catarina2188POR 42w1 6b0 19w1 8b0 30w1 12b0 32w1 22b1 7w05174302624,5
17GMCampora Daniel2488ARG 33w1 22b1 11w½ 5b½ 8w1 1b0 4w½ 10b051696931,527,5
18Galvão Henrique2219POR 36w1 7b½ 29w½ 15b½ 28w1 4b0 13w0 27b15155002723,5
19Sousa João1855POR 11b0 38w1 16b0 35w1 28b0 40w1 31w1 25b½51404321,521
20IMDurão Joaquim2029POR 3w½ 9b0 32w1 26b1 14w0 33b1 7b0 23w0 34b14,51783322,524,5
21Neves Pedro2075POR 1b0 37w1 30b1 13w0 25b1 15w0 34b1 8b0 22w½4,51746423,523,5
22Guerra Costa João2205POR 32b1 17w0 25b1 15w½ 13b0 27w½ 28b1 16w0 21b½4,51705224,523
23Brandauer Dorit1840POR 15w0 28b0 43w1 33b½ 26w0 44b1 36w1 20b1 14w04,5160741920
24Bolhari Orfeh2166IRI 37b½ 45w+ 5w0 40b1 9w0 26b1 29w1 6b0 8w-4,51599225,523
25Felicio Fernando1916POR 12w0 36b1 22w0 38b1 21w0 40b½ 33w½ 32b1 19w½4,5159322020
26WIMKasparova Tatiana2191BLR 39b1 2w0 27b½ 20w0 23b1 24w0 30b0 42w1 28b14,51587620,521
27Beltran Ortiz Edda1870ESP 2b0 39w1 26w½ 31b1 6w0 22b½ 14w½ 29b½ 18w04178002223,5
28Pena Hélio1926POR 4b0 23w1 8w0 37b1 19w1 18b0 22w0 33b1 26w04169762123,5
29WFMRedondo Arquelles Graciela2077ESP 38w1 10b0 44w1 18b½ 7w1 5b0 24b0 27w½ 15b04160992524
30Cavaleiro Daniel1856POR 10w0 42b1 21w0 44b1 16b0 26w1 14b0 33w½41299519,521,5
31Babo Miguel1947POR 7w0 41b½ 37w½ 27w0 42b1 38b1 8w0 19b0 39w141204017,518
32Aguiar Henrique1745POR 22w0 20b0 41b1 37w1 16b0 25w0 38b14101511820
33Carapeto Ricardo1894POR 17b0 35w1 14b0 23w½ 34b1 20w0 25b½ 28w0 30b½3,5162911821,5
34Maltez Nuno2035POR 3b0 41w1 7b0 33w0 39b1 21w0 35b1 20w03,51473317,519,5
35Andias João1800POR 8w0 33b0 42w1 19b0 38w0 37b1 34w0 40b13,599211316,5
36Rato Eduardo1787POR 18b0 25w0 38b0 39w1 23b0 37w½ 42b13,5768712,517,5
37Dias José0POR 24w½ 21b0 31b½ 28w0 32b0 41w½ 35w0 36b½ 43w13152591219
38Godinho Marques Pedro0POR 29b0 19b0 36w1 25w0 35b1 31w0 39w0 41b1 32w03149401419
39Pais Bruno1712POR 26w0 27b0 36b0 41w1 34w0 38b1 40w½ 31b031351812,517
40Rodrigues Luis1875POR 6w0 43b1 24w0 25w½ 19b0 39b½ 35w03119501718,5
41Mendes Carlos1813POR 13b0 31w½ 34b0 32w0 39b0 37b½ 43w1 38w0 44b13114421016,5
42Azul Artur0POR 16b0 30w0 35b0 43b1 31w0 44w1 26b0 36w02,5134991117,5
43Mendes Curado António1730POR 14b0 40w0 23b0 42w0 41b0 44w1 37b0277296,513,5
44Graveto Vitor0POR -1 11w0 29b0 30w0 23w0 42b0 43b0 41w01,51170711,515,5
45Santos José Miguel0POR 24b- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,504,522,5
46Martinho Filipe1969POR 5b- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -000022,5

Tie Break1: Sum of the ratings of the opponents (whithout one result)
Tie Break2: Fide Tie-Break
Tie Break3: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)