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Torneo 4to. aniversario Club Jurasico, abril 2017

Last update 23.04.2017 02:10:55, Creator/Last Upload: education license (until 31.12.2017)

Starting rank

1Calderon Paz Brayan FernandoHON0
2Elvir Romero JorgeHON0
3Figueroa Carlos AlbertoHON0
4Hernandez HectorHON0
5Rivera Nuñez Luis AlfredoHON0
6Salinas Morazan Jose RamonHON0
7Sánchez HersonHON0
8Villanueva MarcioHON0
9Mejia Valle Carlos AlbertoHON0
10Nuñez Hernandez Dylan JahirHON0
11Valeriano EdgardoHON0