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Liepajas pilsetas atklatais jauniesu cempionats, A turnirs

Last update 20.04.2017 16:12:43, Creator/Last Upload: savieniba

Starting rank

1Batirevs Maksims11608897LAT1364U16Liepaja
2Steinbergs Aleksis11610387LAT1282U16Kuldiga
3Feldmanis Kristers11612398LAT1276U10Kuldiga
4Leonovs Glebs11609257LAT1273U14Liepaja
5Apenitis Markuss11611669LAT1268U10Liepaja
6Brojs Artjoms11609389LAT1259U12Liepaja
7Vevers Aksels Agris11610395LAT1258U16Kuldiga
8Krumins Karlis11614080LAT1243U14Kuldiga
9Steinbergs Raivo11611677LAT1165U12Kuldiga
10Sprogis Kriss11612290LAT1137U10Kuldiga
11Bitaitis Vladislavs11610174LAT1092U14Liepaja