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18. A.Karpov Intl Tournament

Last update 27.04.2017 14:38:49, Creator/Last Upload: kovaleva, galina (rus)

Starting rank list of players

2GMInarkiev Ernesto4162722RUS2727
7GMJakovenko Dmitry4122356RUS2718
4GMRodshtein Maxim2806851ISR2701
8GMKorobov Anton14105730UKR2695
6GMAnton Guijarro David2285525ESP2679
1GMNajer Evgeniy4118987RUS2679
5GMDubov Daniil24126055RUS2660
3GMSutovsky Emil2802007ISR2650
10GMBologan Victor13900048MDA2640
9GMZhigalko Sergei13502956BLR2639